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  1. Stage your property – The furnishings of your property could make up to a 15% difference in occupancy, as savvy guest has certain exceptions when booking. Your vacation home should reflect who you are, while still providing appeal to your rental guests.  Your furnishings and décor should be well coordinated throughout and be fresh and inviting and also accommodate all your guests. If your property can accommodate 6 guests, please make sure you have at least 6 seats at the dining room table.  The outdoor spaces also need to be inviting and offer seating with matching cushions and pillows.
  2. Get quality images – Quality photographs are essential when marketing your property on online booking sites. Guests usually search online and book properties sight unseen.  Your images are a selling tool and need to appeal to your guests.  Special features such as pools, large lanais and waterfalls should to be featured in your images.
  3. Make sure the property is clean and ready for your next guest– A poor check in can set a bad tone to a guest visit. It is very important that your cleaning crew understands the importance of doing a job well done. Fresh linens, clean baths and kitchens help a vacationer relax and enjoy their vacation.
  4. Reviews – Reviews are essential to future bookings. Savvy future guests know to check out past reviews to know what expect. If you have bad reviews it is important to respond and acknowledge any past mistakes are correct them.
  5. Curb Appeal – While Vacationers are intown they often like to look and see what new properties are on the market.  It is important to keep the exterior of your property is good shape.  Make sure paint is fresh, landscaping is maintained and that your rental sign is in good shape so contact can easily be made between your management company and your potential guests.